Glass Water Cup With Cute Cat Design

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Glass Water Cup With Cute Cat Design 

  • It is sturdy, drop-resistant and cheap, suitable for most consumers, and easy to clean, very suitable for household daily use.
  • Safe and high-quality, odorless, harmless, non-toxic, and tasteless. Our cups are guaranteed to contain no toxic chemicals, and extensive tests have proven that they are safe.
  • Fashionable transparent materials and stylish design add decorative and eye-catching features to your home. These exquisite water glasses will add a sense of fashion and sophistication to any home bar collection.
  • It has a wide range of uses and can be used as beer mugs, whiskey glasses, coffee cups, cold water glasses, juice glasses, and tea cups.
  • It has unparalleled portability and can be easily loaded into suitcases, travel bags or backpacks. It is very suitable for barbecues, beaches, swimming pools or outdoor camping.

Specifications :

  • Name: Cat glass
  • ​Color: black cat, flower cat
  • Material: high borosilicate glass 
  • Capacity: 280ml ​
  • Weight: about 90g


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