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IPL Hair Remover Laser Depilator Permanent LCD Display Machine

IPL Hair Remover Laser Depilator Permanent LCD Display Machine

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Get the IPL Hair Remover Laser Depilator for painless, permanent hair removal. With an LCD display and 3 functions, achieve smooth, flawless skin at home. Try it now!


Depilation device IPL 3 in 1 300000 light pulses Depilation device for home beauty use for HR (hair removal) SR (sensitive skin) FR (speech grain).

IPL Laser Depilator Permanent Hair Remover LCD Display Machine Painless Epilator Face Body Beauty Care Tool and Clean the Skin

operate method:

1. Clean the skin, scrape the hair from the skin, keep the skin moist.

2. Plug in the power adapter.

3. Press the long key, start.
4. Press the function selection button to select three functions.
5. Press the short key, adjust the position of the gear, a total of five gear positions, the higher the gear position, the better the effect.
6. The instrument is near the skin, press the light button, normal light.
7. moves directly on the skin, continuous light (it is recommended to play the same piece 3 times).
8. Press the long key, the light machine and unplug the power adapter.

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