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Workout Yoga Resistance Bands

Workout Yoga Resistance Bands

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Enhance Your Fitness Routine

  • ¬†Help stretch the whole body and gradually increase resistance and flexibility while working out your core. This versatile workout set can complement your existing routine.
  • Each resistance band is color coded for easy identification so you can customize the intensity of your workout gradually with light, medium, and heavy resistance.
  • Benefits - Resistance bands are the ideal physical therapy tool that can help with shoulder flexibility and range of motion, strengthen upper back muscles, condition core muscles, and align posture.
  • Complement Your Existing Routine - Stretch brands are great for adding variety to your workout and are lightweight and compact for carrying to and from gym classes or using as home gym equipment for home workouts.


  • Function:¬†Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
  • Application:¬†Pull Rope
  • Attribute One:¬†Resistance Band
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